Logistics software for healthcare

iTransport is a user-friendly, web-based software solution for automating logistics processes such as patient transport (internal and external), cleaning and logistics services in healthcare.

Real-time communication and information system for hospitals

iTransport is a software solution for all types of transport in and around your hospital. It facilitates the efficient organisation and performance of tasks relating to patient transport, logistics and cleaning, among other things. Thanks to iTransport, productivity increases by 10-20%, tasks are carried out on time, patients arrive at the right location on time and employees walk fewer kilometres. Which means more time and better care for your patients.


Stay in the know

Since we’ve been using iTransport, our operator can once again perform tasks on the work floor.

iTransport arranges transport and ensures that the patients arrive on time, which provides peace of mind. Coordinator at the patient transport department

We now have a clear overview of the volume of tasks we perform in a single day. Since iTransport organises these tasks automatically and efficiently, we walk considerably fewer kilometres.

For me it’s easy to use the reports to work on improvement processes. Head of cleaning